SAT problem #1

July 30, 2006 at 7:00 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

One of the biggest issues people have with the testing required for college admission is that the tests are just way too long. That’s how they easily weed out the smarter people from the less smart people. You need to be able to focus and that’s just a fact! What worked for me — and I did pretty well on the PSAT and SAT tests — is you need to at least pretend to be excited about the information you’re reading about or solving.

Also, it really does help to have a watch or clock nearby. For those of you who, like me, are rather competitive, consider it a race against the clock. Making the whole test like a game helps you stay alert through the whole thing.

And, when you practice, I would definitely not recommend splitting up your practice sessions so that you do reading comprehension on one day and math on another and grammer on another, etc. Instead, try as best you can to take the whole practice test in one sitting, mimicking what will happen on test day. Then, you can figure out the areas you need more work on and drill those separately, but when you’re doing a practice test, literally do the whole test.

Oh, and coffee or tea is always useful to have too.


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