Admission statistics for top colleges: 2006

September 18, 2006 at 9:47 pm 9 comments

Posted by Dee

A bunch of AdmitSpit readers have written in about early application versus regular admission statistics, so I’ve compiled a list of admission statistics for the various top schools for easy reference. All the numbers were taken from the respective schools unless otherwise noted. Percentages were calculated by yours truly… hopefully my calculator wasn’t going crazy on me.

Brown — Total applicants: 18,316. Total admits: 2,555. Percentage admitted: 13.9%.

California Institute of Technology — Total applicants: “about 2,700.” Total admits: “about 500.” (For a tech school, they sure do value being precise, huh?)

Columbia — Total applicants: 19,851. Total admits: 2,296. Percentage admitted: 11.6%. (Total Early Decision applicants: 2,236. Total Early Decision admits: 583. Early acceptance rate: 26.1%.)

Cornell — Total applicants: 28,098. Total admits: 6,935. Percentage admitted: 24.7%. (Total Early Decision applicants: 2,848. Total Early Decision admits: 1,109. Early acceptance rate: 38.9%.)

Dartmouth — No specific admission statistics other than their overall admission rate of 17%.

Duke — Total applicants: 19,386. Total admits: 4,101. Percentage admitted: 21.2%. (Total Early Decision applicants: 1,499. Total Early Decision admits: 468. Early acceptance rate: 31.2%.)

Georgetown — Total applicants: 15,285. Total admits: 3,281. Percentage admitted: 21.5%. (Total Early Action: 4,003. Total Early Action admits: 908. Early acceptance rate: 22.7%.)

Harvard — Total applicants: 22,754. Total admits: 2,124. Percentage admitted: 9.3%. (Total Early Action applicants: 3,869. Total Early Action admits: 813. Early acceptance rate: 21%.)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Total applicants: 11,373. Total admits: 1,513. Percentage admitted: 13.3%.(Total Early Action: 2,965. Total Early Action admits: 377. Early acceptance rate: 12.7%.)

New York University — Total applicants: 34,944. Percentage admitted: 28.4%. (Total Early Decision applicants: 3,397. Percentage of Early Decision applicants in admitted class: 28.9%.) 

Northwestern — Based on the data from the Class of 2009 application pool, total applicants: 16,221. Total admits: 4,819. Percentage admitted: 29.7%.

Princeton — Total applicants: 17,564. Percentage admitted: 10.2%. (Early Decision acceptance rate: 27%.)

Stanford — Total applicants: 20,195. Total admits: 2,426. Percentage admitted: 12%.

UC Berkeley — Total applicants: 41,695. Total admits: 9,750. Percentage admitted: 23.4%.

UCLA — Total applicants: 47,226. Total admits: 12,019. Percentage admitted: 25.4%.

University of Pennsylvania — Based on the data from the Class of 2009 application pool, total applicants: 18,824. Total admits: 3,916. Percentage admitted: 20.8%. (Total Early Decision applicants: 3,420. Total Early Decision admits: 1,169. Early acceptance rate: 34.2%. Caution! Penn’s admission rate in particular plummeted for the Class of 2010, so take these stats with a grain of salt because they’re from a year ago.)

Washington University in Saint Louis — Total applicants: 21,515. Total freshman enrollment: 1,388. (They didn’t provide stats on accepted students.)

Yale — Seems to be a bit covert with their admissions data. Their overall admissions rate is around 10%.


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  • 1. M  |  October 14, 2006 at 9:20 pm

    If you’re talking about the current frosh group at UCLA – I believe only 4800 (approx) were accepted this year. It was by far the toughest year for admission applicants.

  • 2. Dee  |  October 15, 2006 at 1:52 am

    The statistics from the UCs were taken directly from the University of California website. I’m pretty certain there’s no way only 4,800 students were accepted to UCLA… about 4,800 is the SIZE of the freshman class at UCLA, not the number of students accepted.

    Yes, you are right though that this was by far the most difficult year.

  • 3. Raymond  |  November 28, 2006 at 6:35 am

    Yale: 21,099 applicants, 1,823 acceptances for an 8.6% acceptance rate.

    Princeton ED: 2,236 applicants, 599 acceptances for a 26.8% acceptance rate.

    Washington: 19% acceptance rate according to U.S. News.

  • 4. Janice  |  December 8, 2006 at 3:06 pm

    Information regarding Yale’s early action notification procedure was posted 12/4/06 indicating the information should be accessable the evening of 12/15/06 and that letters are to be mailed on the same date.

    Details can be read on their website at

  • 5. Wendan  |  February 18, 2007 at 3:21 am

    First of all I just want to say that I love this blog… it’s just a wealth of information!

    Second, I need some advice on my situation. I don’t know where to put it so I guess I’ll post it here. I’m a grade 11 student at a public high school in suburban Vancouver, Canada. Sometime last year I had the impulse of wanting to go to a prestigious American school (the Ivies, MIT, Stanford, etc.). I have really good grades (99% – #1 out of a class of 380), pretty good extracurriculars (Student Council, Debate Team…), etc. so I thought “why not give it a try… open more doors.” So I studied for the SAT and got a 2390 in Oct. I was so excited and I thought that is way too good to throw away. And just last week I found out that I got an 800 on my Bio M SAT. But now the entire thought of applying to US universities is really daunting and stressing me out and I don’t know if it’s really worth it and if I even stand a chance. I’ll have NO problem whatsoever getting into a top Canadian university… I really don’t know if I’m just wasting my time and money vying for such a slime chance of getting into a good US school… And there really is no point going to the States if I don’t get into one of the top universities. And my parents aren’t really supporting this whole idea of going to the US and they tell me that even if I get accepted I won’t be able to go since they can’t afford it. I’m just kind of lost right now, not sure where I’m going in life… So I’d really appreciate it if you could please give me some perspective and direction and tell me what you think of my situation. Thank you!

  • 6. Dee  |  February 19, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Damn! A 2390 on the SAT with outstanding SAT Subject Test scores, plus being from out of the US?!

    You have a fantastic chance at being admitted to the top US universities, Weyden. Plus, they’ll probably offer you financial aid if you apply and let them know that your parents can’t afford to pay for the whole US tuition.

    I rather certain with those scores you’ll be accepted to plenty of top US academic institutions. But don’t forget the other aspects of the application as well; you should have extracurricular activities and your essays and recommendations should be top as well! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll succeed wonderfully.


  • 7. Susan Stone  |  March 29, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    Anyone know anything about Vanderbilt stats?

  • 8. Brian  |  August 31, 2007 at 5:02 am

    Hey, I’m kind of in a bad situation. I really want to go to UCLA but im pretty sure i wont make it =/ plus im out of state … I have a GPA of about 4.0 (weighted) and got a 29 on the ACT (still have 3 chances), but i think my extracurriculars are my strongest points … (Orchestra, 1st chair in youth symphony, school orchestra, won 2 cello competitions… science olympiad captain… internship at Kansas University Medical Center… Officer of HOSA and Tri-M and more… dont feel like typing them)… so my question would be …

    DO I STAND A CHANCE AT GETTING ACCEPTED TO UCLA???? because if i dont, i would have to go to Kansas University… and im not looking forward to that >.<…

  • 9. tk2tspobid  |  February 22, 2008 at 12:11 am

    Hi, I’m kind of in a rough spot as well. I’m wondering with the following situation, if I have any shot of getting into MIT:
    11th Grade:

    GPA: About 4.2 weighted
    31 ACT (Still have another chance)
    Top 20% in class
    I will have taken 6 AP classes by graduation

    Extra Curricular Activities:
    NHS, Lacrosse (Captain), Scholastic Bowl, Math Team, Science Team, Volunteering

    Another thing I am kind of hoping will help are my recommendations. I am extremely motivated in the sciences and I often go in after class to talk with my teachers about topics that expand much farther from what we are learning.

    I guess I don’t have the best academic standing, but I am definitely motivated to learn. I have a passion for the sciences.

    Be honest please, I understand it’s difficult to really have a feel for whether I would make it or not, but I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!


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