Learn to like reply cards

September 24, 2006 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

You’ll be dealing with a lot of mail when you apply to college, and despite most of it being random junk you don’t want or need, you’ll want to learn to love reply cards. Reply cards are traditionally used for weddings and events and such, but they can be very useful when applying to college too.

In each envelope you send off to colleges, you want to know if the materials actually arrived, right? There’s a service for this through the post office where, if you pay more money, you’ll be sent a mail notification that someone at the admissions office did indeed accept your admissions materials. But, instead of paying a bunch of money for a fancier service, you can just make your own reply cards!

Step 1: Get a bunch of index cards.

Step 2: Put a stamp in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3: Put your name and address in the center of the card.

Step 4: Flip the card over and scribble a note to yourself about what was in the envelope. For example, you could write “teacher recommendation 1” or “high school transcript.”

Once the college admissions office receives your envelope, they will stamp their own address in the upper left-hand corner and send the postcard back to you. Since it’ll have the school’s name on the card now, and you’ll have the note you scribbled to yourself about the content of the package, you’ll now know for certain who received which materials.

My high school advisor told us about this trick, and I wasn’t sure how widely known it was and since you’re probably starting to send out college mail right about now, thought I’d let you know about this tip!


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