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September 25, 2006 at 10:07 pm 1 comment

Posted by Dee

So, while sitting in my Chemistry lecture, I managed to put together the document for AdmitSpit’s College Application Checklist. I hope you’ll find it useful; it’s pretty neatly organized and it should be helpful in allowing you to keep track of all the elements of the admission process for each school you apply to.

Let me explain how to go about using the checklist effectively.

1. Open up the Word document: College Application Checklist from AdmitSpit.

2. Print the document. If your computer tells you that the margins are too small, just tell it to print anyways because it’s usually okay. If it does cut off part of the chart, you can resize it. Otherwise, let me know if there’s something I should fix; leave us a comment if there are other issues with the print-out.

3. In the very first column, list out all the schools you are applying to.

4. For each school, put an ‘X’ in any column that does not apply. For example, if you are applying to Stanford, you will not have an interview because they don’t offer them, so put an ‘X’ in the box that says “Interview” in Stanford’s row.

5. Now, for the next few months, as you go through the college application process, update this chart whenever you complete something. When you are half-done with a task, put a ‘/’ mark. For example, if you have written your Essay 1, but still need to edit it, put a ‘/’ in the box. Then, once you edit it and turn it into a final draft, you can make the ‘/’ into an ‘X’ sign. Other examples for when you would use a ‘/’ is if you’ve set up your interview, and after you actually do the interview you put an ‘X’ there. Or, if you’ve already asked a teacher to do Rec. 1 and given him/her the envelope, you could put a ‘/’ sign, and then once you receive the reply card back, you could make it an ‘X’ mark.

This is the checklist I used last year, but if you have any suggestions, problems, feedback, questions, etc., leave a comment!


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College admissions checklist Standard list for colleges’ standardized testing requirements

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  • 1. Pushyami  |  October 25, 2006 at 12:57 pm

    At what stage in high school (junior spring?) and with whom should one set up interviews? Is it enough to call the undergrad admissions office? Is it possible to request an interview with a specific faculty member or a specific department?

    By the way, this website is a fantastic resource for the college application process!


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