Take two: more Greek/Latin prefixes

October 15, 2006 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

Again, learning your Greek and Latin prefixes can be invaluable for SAT, PSAT, or ACT testing!

So, here’s a second post (the first was titled, “Ten Greek/Latin prefixes to know before taking the SAT“) with ten more of AdmitSpit’s picks for prefixes you should know by memory.

1. ab-. Means: away from. Examples: abduct, abnormal, absent.

2. ped-. Means: foot. Examples: pedicure, pedal, pedestrian.

3. auto-. Means: self. Examples: automatic, automobile, auto-immune system, autonomy.

4. domin-. Means: lord. Examples: dominion, dominant, domination.

5. aqua-. Means: water. Examples: aqueous, aquarium, aquamarine, aquatic.

6. dia-. Means: across, through. Examples: diagonal, dialect, dialogue, diagnosis, diatribe, Diaspora.

7. graph-. Means: write. Examples: graphic, graphology, graphite.

8. ego-. Means: self. Examples: egotistic, egoistic, egocentric, egomaniac.

9. bene-. Means: good. Examples: benevolent, benefit, benefactor, beneficiary.

10. demo-. Means: people. Examples: demographics, democracy, demonstration.


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