Really good tips for the online UC application

October 16, 2006 at 7:16 pm 1 comment

Posted by Dee

The UC online application isn’t all that difficult to deal with, but here are some top tips for making sure you don’t screw up.

Basic settings:

Don’t lose your username, or else you’ll have to start all over again
Turn off your pop-up blockers
Don’t use your web browser’s buttons to move forward and back. Use the buttons through the application system so you don’t lose your work.
The UC does send you emails, so make sure they aren’t going into your junk- or bulk-mail folder.
The check boxes show when you complete a step, which is a great feature that helps you remember which parts of the application you’ve already done. This means that you can work out of order, but keep in mind that a partial completion of a step may result in a checked box, so make sure to look over the whole application before submitting it to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

For campus choices:

This part can get confusing because there’s lots of scrolling and each college may or may not require you to select an alternate major, or for UC San Diego, rank the different dorms.
Do apply to scholarships! Check both the UC scholarships by characteristics and click “Undergraduate scholarships” to check for scholarships on individual campuses. You can apply to a maximum of 16.

For academic history:

You must report every class you’ve taken at every school you’ve been at since the 9th grade. Get a copy of your transcript and keep it on hand to correctly report everything. You’ll need to know dates, term types, and course designation abbreviations for high school classes, community college classes, online courses, and summer school. DO NOT screw this up because once you get accepted you need to send them your transcript and if they see a discrepancy, they’ll rescind your acceptance.
If appropriate for you, list your 7th or 8th grade math and/or foreign language.
When you enter your grades, choose “no course” for the second semester of a one-semester course.
Don’t forget to list your courses in progress.

For test results:

Enter your test scores and dates for any standardized tests you’ve already taken and for ones you are planning to take.

For activities and awards:

Include all volunteer and work experience here.
You can also include religious activities here.

The personal statement:

You get 1000 words. You have to spread them out across three prompts: about 200 words for two short-answer responses, and about 600 words for the extended response.
Be warned: if you exceed the word limit, you won’t receive an error message until after you submit!
DO NOT type your essays in the text boxes online, because the system WILL time-out on you. Remember: write your answers in a word processor and then copy-paste it into the online application.

The review and submit process:

Obviously, don’t sumbit your application without reviewing it first. This should be a “duh.”
Don’t forget your electronic signature.
DO keep a copy of your receipt with your application ID number. You will definitely use it later on.


If you have a change in your information after you’ve already submitted the online application, you have to contact each campus you applied to with your notification of the change.


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  • 1. ari  |  April 10, 2007 at 7:30 am

    Do we have to put our 7th/8th grade grades?


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