Remember, remember the first of November

October 28, 2006 at 4:22 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Luke

This long-awaited date will be upon us in just four days.

Four days. That’s all you have to write more clichéd epiphanies into your essays and beef up those resumes with newly-discovered extracurriculars, for in four days, all you Early Decision hopefuls must have your applications post-marked, if not already submitted, to your dream school, and then wait the agonizingly long month and a half buying college sweatshirts and waiting for your letter to arrive.

I know most of you have probably already convinced yourselves that it’s your destiny to be accepted to your Early D school. Let me burst your bubble; you’d better wait until April to pop open the champagne. Realistically speaking, most of you will not get the answer you want (or for our arrogant readers: the answer you deserve…) on December 15th.

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Stanford all have acceptance rates around 11-ish percent. That means that you have a 89% chance of not getting in. If you apply to all of these fine schools, your probability of not getting into a single one is (.89)^6, or about 50%. If you apply to other selective schools such as MIT, or even the Ivies with relatively higher acceptance rates, like Brown, UPenn, Cornell, and Dartmouth, your chances of not getting in to any of them is much lower. (I would calculate it for you, but I’m terribly lazy. You can see the AdmitSpit post titled, “Admission statistics for top colleges: 2006” and do the math yourself).

So, you should apply to schools with higher rates, but, that said, don’t sell yourself short. One rejection from a top-tier school isn’t the end of the world and if they didn’t want you, then you don’t need them. There are other world-renowned institutions aside from your Early Decision dream school that would be happy to have you, as long as you don’t get discouraged and decide not to apply to them.

So, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHEN THE APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE!!!!! Stanford’s deadline for regular admission is December 15th, the same day a lot of you will get your referral notice and not nearly enough time to write an entire application. If I were you, I would start filling out other applications right now. It might not be necessary, because you may indeed get into your Early D, but it’s much better to waste time filling out an application now than winding up at a community college later because you got rejected from Early D and screwed up all other apps because you didn’t have enough time to polish them.


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