College, Confidential?

November 5, 2006 at 6:39 am Leave a comment

Posted by Helen

At my high school (and I’m sure at yours too, if applicable), it seems as though all anybody talks about these days is college. However, more specifically, people always want to know how YOU did on the SATs, or where YOU are applying early. When the question is reciprocated, they tend to give an ambiguous or indirect answer. This brings me to wonder: how much information about your college process is too much to share with friends?

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is really a personal decision. If you don’t mind telling 50 people what you got on your SATs, or what your GPA is, or your top ten schools in order (yes, I swear I really have been asked that once), then go ahead and paint the town red. If you are uncomfortable sharing this information, I assure you there are plenty of ways to answer questions without actually answering them.

However, no matter how (un)comfortable you are telling people about your great college quest, here are some things that you should always keep in mind:

If you…

1) gush about how great a school is expect your friends to apply there. This is a big one. The more people that apply to a school, the more selective the school becomes, and therefore the harder it is to get in.

2) share your SAT scores with people they will compare you to others whose SAT scores they know. If I had a dollar for every time that I have heard “Did you hear that Joe got a 2150 and Joann only got a 2070? I thought Joann was way smarter than Joe!” I would be a very rich gal.

3) tell somebody which school you are interested in they may prove useful to you in ways you never imagined. Recently when a college representative visited my high school from a university I am particularly interested in, an old English teacher personally introduced me to the representative as “a very promising student.” It turns out they were friends, and that personal introduction would not have been possible had I not told my old teacher that I was interested in the school.

4) tell 50 people where you are applying early decision, you will also have to tell 50 people whether or not you got in — which could be incredibly fun, or incredibly heartbreaking.

5) keep too much secret, let’s face it, you will be kept out of a lot of conversations.

So the next time somebody asks you to rank your top 10 colleges in order, before you answer make sure that you actually want to answer the question. And if you do not want to, it is always easy to make the question into a form of a joke… Currently, my Facebook says that I am attending Kansas Bible College next year, and double majoring in “Intelligent Design,” and “Evolution as a Conspiracy Theory.”


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