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Posted by Dee

I’m really glad that thus far plenty of students have found AdmitSpit helpful! That said, I’m writing a post now about Web sites that I found helpful last year during the college admissions process.

1. College Confidential – http://www.collegeconfidential.com

Actually, most of the College Confidential site is pretty useless, but the message boards are rather informative. That said, I would not recommend spending too much time surfing the message boards. Lots of students post stats about themselves and ask others about their chances of getting in to particular schools. This can be very misleading and can give you either false hope or a major confidence downer! Sometimes people have valuable tips though so it’s worth taking a look at, even if just for entertainment purposes.

2. The College Board – http://www.collegeboard.com

I know they’re not our favorite people to visit, but the College Board does control a lot of aspects of the admissions process. When I first heard about setting up an online account with the College Board, I expected them just to send me spam and that it was an unnecessary step, but thanks to whoever gave me that advice. Definitely DO sign up for a free account on the College Board site. Signing up online makes it much easier to register for the College Board tests; registration takes around 3 steps or so, and it’s much more efficient and much less time-consuming.

In my opinion, the College Board’s rather comprehensive profiles on each college are an okay place to start, but honestly, if you want really great information about each college, you’ll have to go to each college’s actual Web site.

3. US News and World Report – http://www.usnews.com

The infamous annual college rankings from US News and World Report constitute a good starting place for learning about which colleges are considered top and which ones are, well, not. But, be critical because the metrics they use to rank schools stir much debate. Some other reputable ranking organizations to consider would be the Times Higher Education Supplement (see the AdmitSpit post titled, “World university rankings 2006 released today“) or the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute for Higher Education.

If you have any other great college admissions Web sites that you have or are using, send us a comment!


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