Importance of a CV

November 8, 2006 at 8:24 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

What is a CV?

As you progress through your academic and professional life you’ll here this term more and more often.

A CV is an acronym for curriculum vitae, a “summary of a person’s educational qualifications, skills, publications, and professional activities, prepared when applying for an academic position.”

Nowadays, I think CVs are defined even more broadly than that, and you can basically think of it as a list of any activity, school, skill, honor, recognition, prize, etc. you’ve ever completed, received, etc.

It is very, I repeat, VERY important, even from a very young age, to keep track of all your accomplishments. Definitely keep records of awards you’ve received, your report cards, test scores, etc. dating back even to kindergarten. Not only does it track your history and personal development, but it is also extremely useful when putting together resumes. Undoubtedly you will not include all that is on your CV in your resume or college application, but once you have everything listed out in your CV you avoid all the frustration and unnecessary time spent trying to piece together and remember what you’ve done over the years.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

– Keep one Word processor document titled, “‘Your name’ CV” and then every time you participate in an activity or receive an award immediately add it to the list in the document.

– Categorize your accomplishments. Usually most people use at least… education (for any schools or programs you completed), activities (for clubs and extracurriculars), and awards and honors.

– Include dates. They may come in handy for reference purposes.

– Also, it’s helpful to keep file cabinet space for all your awards, certificates, report cards, and testing scores. You can either organize it by date with the oldest material towards the back of the cabinet, or by category. For each category you would have a separate file folder and then within each file folder you’d organize the contents from oldest to most recent in the front.


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