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November 15, 2006 at 10:49 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

Gail recently left AdmitSpit an urgent comment on our “About AdmitSpit” page. I’ll reproduce it below.

“Help – my son decided to add one sentence to his essay after he copied it into his application form and submitted it with a TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR! What do we do? Will his application automatically be dropped!”

I hope I’m correct as interpreting this as: your son finished his essay, copy-pasted it into the text box in his online application, then decided to add a sentence directly into the text box, submitted the application and then realized that it had a typo! Ouch.

Gail? What was he thinking?! I feel terrible using your son’s error as an example, but this shows to all of us the danger of typing essays, even one sentence’s worth, directly in the text box of an online application! Always, always, write your essays, even one sentence’s worth, in a Word processor first! Then, copy-paste it.

Yes, your son made a dumb mistake; I’m afraid it’s difficult for me to soften the blow. But, that said, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll probably be rather upset and worried over it, but it will probably have little bearing on an overall application decision. I’m slightly concerned over the last phrase in your comment: “Will his application automatically be dropped?” No, of course not. I have very high confidence that no AdComm would reject a candidate just because they had a typo in the last sentence of one of their essays. I wouldn’t stress over this too badly if I were you. I’m not sure that there’s anything you could do about this, but if you feel comfortable sending another comment specifying which school this was for or what the sentence with the typo was specifically, I may be able to give more specific advice; I might be able to find someone for you to email from the admissions office or web team.

Overall though, my recommendation is don’t worry. After all, there’s no typing major in college, so I doubt they’ll care that much; it’s about the essence of your essay more than anything. Unless of course, you mistyped “duck” as “f*ck.” Then you might have a little problem…


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