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January 9, 2007 at 5:12 pm 1 comment

Posted by DeeMimi commented on the post titled, “I was deferred; now what?!” Here’s what she wrote:

I was deferred from my early school in December. I’ve now finished my RD applications and realized that my new essays are infinitely better than the ones I sent in early. Can I now send in my new essays to replace the ones I sent in a while ago? The RD deadline for this school has passed, however.

It’s great that you turned in more perfected essays this time around, but I’m sorry to say that I would defnitely not recommend sending in your new essays.

But, before I get ahead of myself… What exactly did the letter from the school say? Do they want or encourage you to send in new or supplementary material? Is there a form they gave you? Do they just want you to sit tight?

If they explicitly encourage you to send in new materials (which I would think is rare), then of course send in your new essays. But, in the more likely scenario, they will have a form for you to fill out or just want you to wait for their decision, in which case I think it will seriously annoy them more than anything if they find new essays for them to read in your file.

As much as you may want to rush over your new essays, I say quite firmly that it’s to your benefit to fight the temptation.


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  • 1. Annie  |  January 10, 2007 at 2:00 am

    When submitting my RD applications, as long as i submit it by the day the deadline is, does it matter how close i cut it time-wise? Will i be disadvantaged because my applications were sent (online) on the 30th when the deadline was the 31st or the 1st?


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