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February 11, 2007 at 6:35 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

I was quite heartened by the comments made recently by some readers.

First, Barbara wrote last week:

“Hi! Wow, I just found this today– thank you for not pulling the same shit counselors pull about “doing what YOU want” or “choosing classes you LIKE” or “sleeping” (what is that, anyway? Just kidding.).

Not that there isn’t some truth to that advice, but I’m glad to find something that offers advice that will actually be listened to by someone trying to be competitive for a spot at University of Pennsylvania.

Just wondering: what exactly are the consequences of not going to the Early Decision school that accepted you? I’m not so vain as to think it’s going to happen for me next year, but everything I’ve checked basically just refers to the consequence as “serious”. Do you know what it even entails?”

While I’ll respond to her latter concerns in a separate post, the start of her comment really made me remember what the spirit of this site was truly about.

And, combine that with the second part of Pushyami’s comment:

“Are there any schools ranked in the top 50 nationally that have rolling admissions? Has U Mich given up rolling admissions starting ‘08?

Admitspit seems to have gone dormant after adopting the new look … whatsup?”

I figure I owe our readers an explanation for why AdmitSpit has been rather, as Pushyami says, “dormant” as of late.

Reason 1: Send AdmitSpit comments! This is our favorite way to put out new content; by responding to actual concerns of feisty college-bound students.

Reason 2: I’ve started on a new project and combine that with Reason 1… well, we just sort of slacked off with the site.

Reason 3: We’re looking for predecessors. As you know, most of the contributors on the site are college freshman, which means that it’s been a full year, or even longer, since most of us have dealt with college admissions stuff. That may not seem like a long time, and if you’re a college junior or senior reading this now, you may think it’d be impossible to forget the whole strenuous, laborious college application process, but believe me, you will forget most of the nuances. This is why nowadays, unlike when the site started in July, each entry takes so much more research and time; we need to familiarize ourselves with the details again to make sure the info is right! And hence, I’m working on finding new, just-out-of-high-school additions to the AdmitSpit team (if you have nominations, send us a comment!) to carry on the site.

Expect several posts this week for sure though! And basically, sorry about our slowing down the past month.


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