And… the 2007 AP schedule

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Here’s the 2007 AP testing schedule. As usual, AP examination spans two weeks.

Monday, May 7:

8 a.m. — Government and Politics: United States
12 p.m. — Government and Politics: Comparative, French Language

Tuesday, May 8:

8 a.m. — Computer Science A, Computer Science AB, Spanish Language
12 p.m. — Statistics

Wednesday, May 9:

8 a.m. — Calculus AB, Calculus BC
12 p.m. — Chinese Language and Culture

Thursday, May 10:

8 a.m. — English Literature, German Language
12 p.m. — Japanese Language and Culture, French Literature

Friday, May 11:

8 a.m. — United States History
12 p.m. — European History, Studio Art (portfolios due)

Monday, May 14:

8 a.m. — Biology, Music Theory
12 p.m. — Physics B, Physics C, Mechanics
2 p.m. — Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Tuesday, May 15:

8 a.m. — Environmental Science, Chemistry
12 p.m. — Psychology

Wednesday, May 16:

8 a.m. — Italian Language and Culture, English Language
12 p.m. — Art History

Thursday, May 17:

8 a.m. — Macroeconomics, World History
12 p.m. — Microeconomics

Friday, May 18:

8 a.m. — Human Geography, Spanish Literature
12 p.m. — Latin Literature, Latin: Vergil

*Note 1: Test administration in Alaska begins 1 hour earlier than those indicated here. So, 7 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. correspond to the above.
**Note 2: If you want to take exams that are scheduled for the same time slot, you have to do one of them during late testing. Make sure that your AP coordinators order you late testing for the exam you can’t take during the actual time slot because you’re doing another exam then.


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