Soon to be AP registration: season 2007

February 27, 2007 at 12:03 am Leave a comment

Posted by Dee

Well, AP registration is around the corner (early March for most of you), and there’s always many, many discussions, controversies, stress, etc. related to these annual AP exams.

And this year, the lovely and revered CollegeBoard has sprung upon all AP test-takers some new talking points!

1. Testing via computer?!?!

Oh yes, this year, the CollegeBoard has introduced two AP tests that you take on a computer — that is, what they’ve dubbed Internet-based tests (iBT). The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam and the AP Japanese Language and Culture are offered for the first time this year, and through the iBT method, where each student works at an individual computer which using their software is supposed to process everything read on screen, heard through headphones, typed, or spoken into a microphone by the student… sort of creepy… but kind of cool too, if it all works out okay.

Here’s the article about it from the CollegeBoard Web site:

2. AP Bulletin California Supplement

I think this is new this year, but correct me if I’m wrong (I’vejust never seen this before) — check out the California Supplement to the AP Bulletin. Apparently under new laws, California is requiring the CollegeBoard to put out additional literature to further explain the purpose and details of Advanced Placement testing. If you want to take a look at that (because there’s a detailed chart in the middle of the supplement some may find interesting), the link is: (Hopefully it’s working now, because it worked earlier today, but now it seems it doesn’t want to download on my computer, so let me know if you have trouble accessing it as well.) admit spit

Tomorrow we’ll post about general AP stuff — schedules and such.


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