Response to Kathleen: Common App and stickers?

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Posted by Dee

Kathleen left a very sweet comment on our latest AdmitSpit post titled, “Just got a comment…” saying:

“… I recently visited a college, and they gave me a sample of the 2006-2007 common application. On this application was a sticker saying “application fee waived”. The problem is, the application is for the 2006-2007 season, and I won’t be applying until this fall. Should I remove the sticker from the common application papers? Also, does the common application require fees to send online?”

I think Kathleen that the whole point was indeed to give you a “sample” of the Common App so you could get the gist of the types of questions they give in essays and short answers, etc. I don’t think that they necessarily actually wanted you to use that 2006-2007 form to apply for the 2007-2008 year. So no, you shouldn’t remove the sticker from the common application papers because you shouldn’t actually use those papers at all (and if you’re thinking of reattaching the sticker to the correct version of the Common App papers, I say that’s just a bad idea!)

The Common App does require fees — but those are simply the fees that the universities themselves charge for applying. In other words, no, the Common App does not tack on additional fees.

According to the Common Application website information, you have “two payment options. You can either pay your nonrefundable application fee or submit a College Board fee waiver form to each of your selected colleges, as appropriate.” They also note that some schools you can even apply to online for free because some colleges waive the fee for online submission. You’ll see that in the payments section of the online Common App after you register and detail which colleges you are applying to, there will be individual payment information for each school. For example, next to one college on the list it may say “pay after application submission” or by another college name on the list it may say “$55 ($45 for online submission) to be mailed in with check or money order payable in U.S. currency.” Those are just some examples, but rest assured it will all be explained nicely.

So now the question is what is this College Board fee waiver business?

Basically the deal is that if you qualify for the College Board’s SAT Program Fee-Waiver Service, you may also be able to get some, if not all, of your application fees waived as well (there’s a huge list of all the schools that participate in the program of waiving fees for eligible students, so check that out too). Otherwise, yeah, you will be paying fees for applying online with the Common App, just as though you were applying through the individual schools’ websites, no difference — the Common App just helps simplify all the application organization because you don’t need to fill out the same answers quite as many times… you can just send it all at once to multiple schools — but the moolah still needs to be paid!

PS: If you think that I’ve misunderstood the whole sticker situation, which I may have, try just calling up the admissions office and asking them what’s up with the stickers and if you can indeed restick them onto new forms. Usually if you can reach a person in the Admissions Office, they’re nice and willing to help — no need to leave your name or anything either, so no worries.


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