AdmitSpit is a really great destination for high school students applying to top US colleges and universities. The blog, which has reached a high of about 4,000 visitors per day, with at least 1,000 visitors each day since October 2006, addresses tips, tricks, advice, and guidance for all aspects of the college admissions process, from standardized testing to interviews to essays to admission news.

There are several advertising options for both individuals and businesses!

AdmitSpit would love to get some advertising going on! Why? Because we believe it can prove not only to be a great monetary boost for us to fund our publications, contributors, and AdmitSpit Scholarship program, but because we know non-invasive, targeted advertising also benefits our readers, who do want access and exposure to resources that will enable them to better up their chances of college acceptance.

So, you want to advertise, but how? AdmitSpit has several options available!

1. Post Sponsorship: An individual or a business can sponsor a particular blog post. So, the title of the blog will be in the form “X’s blah blah,” with ‘X’ being the company or individual’s name and ‘blah blah’ being the title of the post. The great thing about this is that for a whole day, your or your company’s name is on the front page of the blog, and it says in the side bar of the blog for three days after. From that point on, that particular blog post always has your name attached to it, so unlike regular advertisements that are paid for per month or per click, these text-based ads live forever on the site. As an option, we can include your short write-up and logo or image with a Web link along with your sponsored post as well. Prices are negotiable! You approach us with a suggestion for post sponsorship, and we’ll work it out.

2. Scholarship Sponsorship:
Beginning in January of 2008, AdmitSpit will begin its AdmitSpit Scholarship program. Each month, $500 will be given away to a pre-college student to help pay for applying to college and all the costs that come along with that. It is a great opportunity to join AdmitSpit in awarding students with funds to help pay for applying to college! Your name or company name will be on the AdmitSpit Scholarship page for the duration of the month, and afterwards will continue to live in the archives of the Web site. Because of the buzz the AdmitSpit Scholarships will receive (especially due to the unconventional voting system!), this type of sponsorship is a great way to get your name out to the pre-college crowd. If you’d like to participate in the selection of the finalists, this can be accommodated for. An image or logo and biography or short write-up can be included as well. Ad price is $550 flat.

3. Your idea:
If you have a cool advertising idea to propose, we’d love to hear it!

All business correspondence goes through the Managing Editor, Doreen, by the way. She can be contacted at doreen.bloch [at]


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