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September 26, 2006 at 8:12 am 8 comments

Posted by Dee

Some readers are wondering about colleges’ specific standardized testing criteria.

I couldn’t find a comprehensive list anywhere on the Internet that compiles the testing requirements at each of the top schools, so I created one! The name of each school, along with the testing requirements and any special notes, as well as the SAT and ACT codes are provided (note that SAT codes are for sending both SAT and Subject Test scores). Hope it’s helpful!

Brown: SAT and two SAT Subject Tests (except Writing), or the ACT with writing option. SAT 4-digit code is 3094. ACT 4-digit code is 3800. 

CIT: SAT or ACT (with or without the Writing Test option), SAT Math Level II, and either physics, chemistry, or either emphasis, Ecological or Molecular, in Biology. SAT code is 4034. ACT code is 0182.

Columbia University: SAT or ACT, and two SAT Subject Tests (for Columbia Engineering, take any math SAT Subject Test and either Physics or Chemistry) Also, if you have a funky grading system at your school or if you’re home-schooled, take two extra SAT Subject Tests. SAT code to Columbia College is 2116; for Columbia Engineering it’s 2111. ACT codes are 2717 for Columbia College and 2719 for Columbia Engineering.

Cornell: SAT or ACT with writing plus SAT Subject Tests depending on which college you are applying to. For Agriculture and Life Sciences, SAT Subject Tests in science and math are recommended. Architecture students are required to take any level of SAT Math. For Arts and Sciences, SAT Subject Tests required in two subjects. For engineering, any math SAT Subject Test and an SAT Subject Test in science is required. For Hotel Administration, any level of SAT math is required. For Human Ecology, any level of SAT math is required plus another SAT Subject Test. For Industrial and Labor Relations, applicants with only SAT scores are required to submit any level of math SAT Subject Test, but for those sending ACT scores, no Subject Tests required. SAT code is 2098. ACT code is 2726.

Dartmouth: SAT or ACT, and two SAT Subject Tests. SAT code is 3351. ACT code is 2508.

Georgetown: SAT or ACT, and three SAT Subject Tests. SAT code is 5244. ACT code is 0668.

Harvard: SAT or ACT, and three SAT Subject Tests. SAT code is 3434. ACT code is 1840.

MIT: SAT or ACT, and one SAT Subject Test in math and another SAT Subject Test in science (either physics, chemistry, or either emphasis of biology.) SAT code is 3514. ACT code is 1858.

Northwestern: SAT or ACT with writing, and three SAT Subject Tests are recommended. (For Honors Program in Medical Education, SAT Subject Tests in Chemistry and Math Level II are required. For the Integrated Science Program, Chemistry or Physics, Math Level II, and another science are required. For home-schooled applicants, a math SAT Subject Test and two additional SAT Subject Tests from two different areas are required.) SAT code is 1565. ACT code is 1106.

NYU: SAT or ACT with writing, and two SAT Subject Tests are required. SAT Subject Tests are not required only for applicants to the Tisch School of Arts or for studio art or music programs in the Steinhardt School of Education. SAT code is 2562. ACT code is 2838.

Princeton: SAT or ACT, and three SAT Subject Tests in three different areas. Engineering applicants are recommended to submit SAT Subject Tests which include either physics or chemistry and a math Subject Test. SAT code is 2672. ACT code is 2588.

Rice University: SAT or ACT with writing, and two SAT Subject Tests in fields related to expected college studies. SAT code is 6609. ACT code is 4152.

Stanford: SAT or ACT with writing, and two SAT Subject Tests are recommended, Math Level II and another of your choosing. SAT code is 4704. ACT code is 0434.

University of California: All UC campuses require either SAT or ACT with writing, and two SAT Subject Tests. Applicants must send their testing information to each campus they apply to though. Berkeley’s SAT code is 4833; ACT code is 0444. UCLA’s SAT code is 4837; ACT code is 0448. Other campuses are UCSD, UCSB, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Merced, and Davis.

University of Pennsylvania: SAT and two SAT Subject Tests, or the ACT. Applicants to the Wharton School are encouraged to take a math SAT Subject Test. Students applying to the School of Engineering and Applied Science are encouraged to take a math SAT Subject Test and a science Subject Test. Foreign language SAT Subject Test recommended for applicants to the College. Applicants to the School of Nursing are recommended to take a science Subject Test. SAT code is 2926. ACT code is 3732.

Yale: SAT and three SAT Subject Tests, or ACT with writing. SAT code is 3987. ACT code is 0618.


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  • 1. Nancy Wong  |  November 15, 2006 at 12:27 am

    So, Math Level 2 is not required for admission into UC? That’s strange.. my college counselor tells me that it is. Well, I am a high school senior and I’m really glad to have found your site. It’s awesome, keep up the good work ^^v

  • 2. Wilson Ames  |  November 17, 2006 at 6:50 am

    Nancy, that is a common misperception about the UC requirements. The UC’s do NOT accept the Math Level 1, but they do not require the Math Level 2. In other words, you can skip math entirely and submit Literature and Biology or Spanish and US History. The key is that the two tests must be in different fields of study: literature, math, history, physical sciences, and languages are your choices.

  • 3. Mohin  |  June 21, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    i am from India and got a 2030 in my SAT Reasoning test:
    Critical reading:640(87 percentile)
    Math:760(98 percentile)
    Writing:630(87 percentile)[do colleges consider this section?]
    And in my SAT Subject Tests:
    Math(level 2):800
    I am yet to complete my physics syllabus at school though and expect an increase in the physics score next time i attempt it.
    Since here in India we have percentages and not grades(GPAs),i am not sure how my marks at school will reflect on the colleges in the US.
    in my previous 2 years at school,my aggregate has been 93% last year and 88% this year.
    Also,i have a pretty good record in terms of co-cirricular activities and sports.
    My reccommendations are also pretty good.
    What else do i need to boost my profile?
    What all colleges can i accept to get through with all this?
    P.S:All these scores were in my first attempt,do colleges take into account how many times the tests you take?

  • 4. Jodi Hardy  |  July 27, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Is there a source for an up to date as of 7/07 list of which schools in the United States require SAT subject tests (and the related details)?

  • 5. nicki  |  August 11, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    yale only requires 2 sat subject tests with the sat, just so you know

  • 6. student  |  September 23, 2007 at 8:27 am

    Hey Mohin…….i’m frm India too…….if you could plese tell me what is the syllabus for the SAT Subject tests…….i.e..Maths, Physics, and chemistry………..and if you have found the answer to your question,will you please tell me about the GPA thing as well……..please do reply………….my e mail is
    waiting for your reply…………..or you could leave your answer on this site as well……

  • 7. Justin  |  April 18, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    The selection process of American colleges are extremely selective. I achieved a score of 36 on my ACT’s, got 800’s on the Math II, Biology, and World History tests, and a 2400 on the SAT Reasoning Tests. My GPA is a 4.667, straight A’s in the hardest classes available. My AP test scores were all 5’s. Besides that, I was class president, and captain of my three sports, football, basketball, and track. I also placed 3rd in state in my respective track events. I still got denied into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and all the other Ivy’s. I now go to Harper Community College.

  • 8. Brandon Blackbeard  |  May 28, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Hey, I am Brandon from South Africa.I have written the SAT subject test twice and both times I got scores of an average of 1260. I want to use these results to apply to junior colleges. Are there any junior colleges you can advice me on applying to with these scores?


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